Cancellation Policy

Appointments must be cancelled more than Three hours before the appointment time, or the previous business day for appointments before 11AM. Failure to give sufficient notice will result in demarcation to your account. If a habit or trend of cancelling/no-show is seen, customers will not be allowed to schedule.

Scheduled Appointment Policy

We reserve the right to move/change/or cancel any and all appointments made. We will do our best to notify you as soon as possible if any changes are made. This is why we request all your contact information. We would much rather notify you!

Confirmation Calls

We try very hard to confirm each appointment, however confirmation calls are not guaranteed. If you do not receive a call 2 days before your appointment, please call us to confirm your appointment time. Confirmations are also available via SMS and Email.


Please sign in at the front desk at least 15 minutes prior to all spa services.

Visitors, Family, & Children

Visitors and family are welcome in our reception area. Visitors, family and children are not allowed in the Day Spa unless receiving spa services also. While we welcome children in the Hair Salon who have an appointment, we do not have the facilities to watch children during their parents’ appointments in the salon. Unsafe activity & disruptive children will be asked to leave the service areas with their parents until other arrangements can be made.


Gratuities are not included in our pricing.

Gift Certificates/Cards

Currently, our gift certificates are tracked electronically in our computer system. If we do not have your gift certificate on file, you are required to present the original (not a scan, copy, or fax) of the paper gift certificate and/or the gift card. The gift certificate must be in legible condition in order to be redeemed. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged gift certificates, or the unauthorized use of a gift certificate. Gift certificates are valid for products and services only. Gift certificates cannot be used to purchase other gift certificates, or otherwise discounted packages or series.


Times listed for spa services include 15 minutes of changing, set up and coordination of movement between services.

If under a doctor’s care, please check with your physician before taking any treatments.

We are a small local business. Situations can arise that need to be addressed that do not fall under the policies, those decisions are made by Mark’s Place Salon & Spa, the General Manager, Front Desk Managers, and company owner. Our goal is to make our customers happy and healthy. To fulfill this purpose, we have these policies in place and decisions must be made on a regular basis.

Mark’s Place Salon & Spa reserves all rights to make changes to this site, including the Policies & Procedures page at any given time. For more information, please contact us by e-mail or phone.